Barefooters Classic Slip-On Shoe - B00CN3YSE6

Barefooters Classic Slip-On Shoe - B00CN3YSE6
Barefooters Classic Slip-On Shoe - B00CN3YSE6 Barefooters Classic Slip-On Shoe - B00CN3YSE6 Barefooters Classic Slip-On Shoe - B00CN3YSE6 Barefooters Classic Slip-On Shoe - B00CN3YSE6
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  • Silicone, Cork

  • Imported

  • Synthetic sole

  • Minimalist barefoot walking

  • Strengthens feet

  • Massage insole

  • Interchangeable fashion strap

  • Ideal for walking or workout recovery, this eco-friendly walking shoe delivers comfort and conscience.

    Barefooters’ innovative cork and silicone material, minimalist design, and patented foot bed make the Classic unisex shoe literally Feel Great to wear. It’s like walking barefoot, but better. The patented Oooaaahs Reflex insole helps feet recover from the aches and stresses of sport or a day in heels or dress shoes. We call it active recovery, and that’s what sets the Classic’s extraordinary comfort apart. Discover the ABC’s of a Feel Great walking experience.


    Active recovery in the Barefooters Classic occurs as you walk to strengthen and stretch your feet. The highly flexible, proprietary material, CorksiLite, open toe box, and heelless design, delivers an unhindered range of motion that naturally and gently stretches ligaments. The intrinsic foot muscles are activated through high-sensory ground confirmation. You’ll feel the difference with every step.


    Walking barefoot feels great … except on rough or hard surfaces. The Classic offers an unrestricted barefoot feeling while protecting and supporting your feet. The barefoot experience allows for a more natural gait that reduces a hard heel strike and encourages a rocking motion of the foot from heel to toe for better absorption of impact. The natural gait encouragement found in the Classic helps with balance, flexibility, and mobility in the same way walking barefoot does. It’s no surprise that going natural is so much better.


    Barefooters’ outstanding comfort comes with a big plus. The Classic has a patented Oooaaahs Reflex insole featuring reflexology massage pods to deliver relief and amazing comfort with every step. Their renewing effect even helps to improve blood circulation. While some people need a little time to get used to what the ‘pods’ are telling them, at least you won’t have to worry about foot odor. Barefooters silicone and cork material and antimicrobial treated microfiber insole resists bacteria build up that causes smell to linger. But when it’s time for a fresh start, just wash Barefooters with mild soap and dry with a towel (washing machine is ok too, if you like).


    Barefooters are made with physiologically inert cork—a renewable resource—and silicone that has no petrochemicals to stain the earth. If you like a dash of color to accessorize, you can change the strap (two colors come with every pair). And if that’s not enough, they’re made in Italy—Bien! Try on a pair of Barefooters to start your own Feel Great walking experience.

    Barefooters Classic Slip-On Shoe - B00CN3YSE6